Challah- Before and After Baking

Here's a good explanation of traditional Challah making, including measurements, methods and the reason for separating a small piece of dough to burn as a sacrifice. Here are the traditional  blessings over the candles, wine and bread.

And here's a good, short video if you want to see easy Challah making for everyone at home.

Preparing, baking, blessing and serving two loaves of Challah at Shabbat dinner on Friday night is a delicious tradition. There are a lot of explanations and interpretations, but nearly everyone agrees that the two loaves represent the double portion of manna provided on the sixth day as the Israelites trekked in the wilderness and stopped their activity to rest on the seventh day, the Sabbath.

No time to braid your own Challahs? Get one of these silicone baking molds and use it for perfect loaves instead!

Plenty of time to braid and bake your own Challahs? Try this
Whole Wheat Sourdough Challah.

Click HERE to read and hear the
traditional blessings over Challah.

the traditional meat, bean and vegetable stew
served with Challah on Shabbat afternoon.