Little Shabbat At Home

Shabbat Bunny often sits at the extra place set for an uninvited guest, reminding me that Shabbat is about sharing and giving to others as I experience light and joy in my own home. Many people keep Shabbat by themselves at home, and discover, like me, that I am never really alone. The candles remind me that my soul is the candle of God and there is always plenty of extra light on Shabbat.

"According to Jewish tradition, the Sabbath provides a foretaste of the days to come. In its joyful calm, people become aware of how beautiful the world may be. Indeed, with its leisure and tranquility, the Sabbath has sustained the Jewish people through many of its most painful periods of history. Today, in a troubled and turbulent world, the Sabbath provides an opportunity for study, contemplation and sociability, and for the peace through which people can realize that the earth of God's handiwork is good - as He judged it good. " Rabbi Arthur Gilbert and Oscar Tarcov, based on the work of Rabbi Irving J. Rosenbaum for B'nai B'rith